Let’s leave you a small cheat sheet on TM registration in Ukraine.

Together with a specialist or we determine what and why you need:
  1. Determine what you want to register and whether it can be done at all. Not subject to registration: banknotes, religious and communist symbols, pornography, etc.
  2. Determine the type of TM: verbal, combined, visual, color or black and white.
  3. We determine for which goods and services you need a TM in order to choose the right class of MKTU (UA / RU).
MKTU - International classification of goods and services. Abbreviated in english version ICGS.
We conduct a preliminary search in the open databases of Ukrpatent or Madrid Monitor:
  1. If we find identical or identical TMs, we change the original plan: adjust the classes, modify our TM;
  2. If everything is ok on open databases, but there are doubts – order a paid search in Ukrpatent:
    ● For verbal or pictorial TM for 1 class in 7 working days – 864 UAH.
    ● For combined – 1,728 UAH.
    ● For the same search, but for 3 working days for one class – 1,728 or 3,456 UAH accordingly.
The filing fee received by applicants is 130% of the total amount of fees, that is, + 30% to the final result.
Preparing an application for TM registration:
  1. We fill in the application form from the Ukrpatent website;
  2. Prepare 5 images of TM with a size of 8×8 cm for b / w TM and 10 – for color;
  3. If the list of goods is large, then we submit the entire list on a separate form, the same applies to the description of the TM – if it is too voluminous, then it is better to submit it on a separate form;
  4. We pay the fee and attach a receipt to the application (more details on the fee below);
  5. We prepare a power of attorney for a representative, if you are not submitting an application on your own. The power of attorney does not need to be certified / apostilled.

This is the simplest list of documents in the application, there may be more.

The fee for filing an application for one class of MKTU is 4,000 UAH and additionally:
  • For a color – 1,000 UAH.
  • For filing an application by several applicants + 130% of the total fee.
  • For each additional class – 4,000 UAH.
  • For the words of Ukraine as part of TM – 24,000 UAH.

There may still be some nuances with fees, depending on the application form, so it is better to clarify separately.

We send the signed package of documents by mail to Glazunov 1 at Ukrpatent or deliver it personally.

We are waiting for a receipt from Ukrpatent on receipt of documents with the assigned number.

We receive a notification about the establishment of the date of filing the application.

Three months after submitting the application, we can speed up the registration:
  1. For acceleration of verbal and visual TM for one class – 5,220 UAH.
  2. For acceleration of the combined TM for one class – 9,396 UAH.

We receive the conclusion of Ukrpatent that the application meets the requirements of formal examination.

We receive the decision of Ukrpatent on the compliance of the application with the conditions for the provision of legal protection with the requisites for payment of fees for the issuance of a certificate.

We pay the fee and send the receipt to Ukrpatent:
  1. For a resident of Ukraine for one class – 85 UAH duty + 600 UAH duty for each class of b / w TM.
  2. For a non-resident – 200 USD duty + 600 UAH duty for each class of b / w TM.

We are waiting for publication in the newsletter and receive an envelope with the coveted testimony.

This is the ideal scenario in which no one has any objections to your application. Otherwise, this is a completely different story.

The cost of legal services for registering a TM may differ significantly. Better immediately clarify this point.

The registration period is about two years, and if you accelerate, you can invest up to a year.