Third Door Media conducted a study, the key question of which is: “Is modern marketing a science or an art?”

Ah, the desk. Is there any place better for an intellectual to About 600 marketers and IT specialists took part in the survey. The research results showed the number of votes: 66% marketing is art / 44% marketing is science

Where did this gradation come from?

As an experiment, respondents shared terms with which they associate art and science in marketing.

The art of marketing evoked associations: creativity, design, content, brand, emotions. Marketing science was associated with data, analytics, testing and technology.

When do these two concepts intersect?

Most of those surveyed shared that there is both part of science and part of art in creating a marketing strategy.

Marketers conduct experiments in the same way as scientists;

Observations, statistics, launching advertising campaigns and channels, promoting hypotheses, evaluating opportunities and testing – all this creates a marketing laboratory;

Creation of a brand, logo, unique story is impossible without a touch of creativity;

The set tasks and hypotheses need visualization and description.

It is quite difficult to adhere to a purely scientific approach. If marketing is becoming more “scientific”, then through the use of sciences such as psychology, sociology, economics and anthropology.

As a result of the research, it was possible to come to the final term. Marketing is a science that relies on art. Science should be used to identify basic solutions, and art should be used to implement them.