Our team has been researching creativity and creative thinking since 2013, and it was only now that we had the idea of compiling the best and most valuable things into a separate list. So that there would be motivation, so that you could see yourself, and so that you could make a checklist.

We put together a list, and what we ended up with was a manifest.


  1. You are creativity
  2. Combine, connect the discordant
  3. Play
  4. Imagine and fantasize
  5. Abstract
  6. Look around, see into neighboring galaxies
  7. Make connections, associations, and analogies
  8. Look for metaphors
  9. Fall in love with limitations
  10. Learn to see and resolve contradictions
  11. Ask the children
  12. Eliminate trial and error, it eats up time
  13. Steal like an artist, enrich like a reactor
  14. Explore space, wonders happen all around you
  15. Keep a diary
  16. Meditate, it’s easy to learn
  17. Get a hobby, collect anything
  18. Come up with ten ideas a day
  19. Experiment, model, synthesize
  20. Analyze, make connections between elements in a system
  21. Improvise
  22. Make a list of control questions
  23. Make a list of silly questions
  24. Ask questions
  25. Read comics
  26. Dance in the dark
  27. Tap out rhythms
  28. Sing and whistle
  29. Draw
  30. Handwrite
  31. Develop critical thinking
  32. Befriend logic
  33. Build your idea bank
  34. Share your ideas, don’t let them dry up
  35. Share your findings
  36. Get inspired and inspire
  37. Do it with your hands: glue collages, sculpt statues, assemble legos
  38. Learn all your life
  39. Learn to listen
  40. Learn to recognize patterns
  41. Learn to speak to be heard
  42. Learn to argue and defend your ideas
  43. Learn your cognitive distortions and use them to your advantage
  44. Learn TRIZ, design thinking, CRAFT and lateral thinking
  45. Read different books and look at magazines
  46. Go to bookstores just to look at books
  47. Once a month, get up at 4 a.m.
  48. Take a walk, get lost
  49. Make up poems and stories
  50. Develop your non-mainstream side, write with the other hand
  51. Don’t think that someone will think or say something about you – you don’t owe anyone anything
  52. Cuddle more often
  53. Enjoy every day
  54. Catch the flow, learn to control it
  55. Get enough sleep
  56. Learn to rest
  57. Watch your energy, don’t let it go to waste
  58. Surround yourself with like minded people
  59. Cooperate
  60. Do it fast, do it often, don’t be afraid
  61. Start somewhere
  62. Allow yourself to be wrong
  63. Allow yourself to change
  64. Don’t criticize unless asked
  65. Plan a day, a week, a month, a year, a decade
  66. Make friends with the pomodoro technique
  67. There is no perfect solution, but strive for the perfect result
  68. Take your time, don’t hesitate, find a medium pace
  69. Dig deep into what you’re interested in
  70. Find a teacher
  71. Learn to switch roles and thinking patterns
  72. What might be helpful here?
  73. Unplug from the numbers and go offline
  74. Create idols just for research
  75. Don’t borrow
  76. Go to flea markets
  77. Watch comedies, standups
  78. Train your memory, master basic mnemonic techniques
  79. Solve examples, yes, it’s about math
  80. Be aware of the possibilities
  81. Collect problem-solving tools, but don’t let them gather dust
  82. Create your own methods
  83. Never give up if your hands and feet are tied, bite your teeth
  84. Make your lifelist
  85. Write your rules of life
  86. Make up your coat of arms, flag, and anthem
  87. Write down your mission in simple words, it will come in handy
  88. Formulate your manifesto, take this one as a basis
  89. You are creativity

We hope you liked it. If you want to supplement, throw your ideas in the comments on Instagram!